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- Natural Materials

that build wonderful privileged spaces

- Natural Luxury

expression of style and sophistication

- Feeling of Creation

universe of genuine refinement 

- Unique Quality

that leads to unique exclusive projects

- Stone Dreams

to make your own design a reality

- Architecture

based on state of the art technology





• Versatile Stone and Marble •


St George Wharf Tower, London. 2013

Material: Crema Marfil & Marron Imperial.

Yokohama Landmark Tower, Japan. 1993

Material: Emperador Light.

Nova Victoria Building, London. 2015

Material: Moon Grey.

• Elegant Natural Stone •

Residential Projects

The Strand London

190, Strand, London (UK).
Materials: Lipica, Gris Pulpis, Emperador Light, Crema Marfil and Pietra Grey.

Challenge: The color matching of the stones with the dominant material on the construction (italian pottery) and the special finishing details. Block selection one by one in Slovenia.

Year: 2016  

Chelsea Barracks

Belgravia, London (UK).
Materials: Pietra Grey and Caliza Paloma.

Challenge: A large dry-lay, simulating exactly on the floor how the pieces would end up on the real construction (floor or walls) with thousands of stones. The work of lots of carving details.

Year: 2017-18  


Hotels and Other Projects

We offer a top quality material and a better technological and human contribution, as well as, an exquisite care in the production systems, from extraction to delivery. This quality and efficiency make our clients fully trust us and our projects are an accurate evidence of this.

Hotel Savoy London

Strand, London

Henry Moore Court

Chelsea, London

Dorchester Hotel

Park Lane, London

Hotel Grand Hyatt

Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Airport Blaise-Diagne

Dakar, Senegal

St.Helen's Place

City of London, London

Natural Stone and Marble

Our portfolio has a big amount of top quality natural stone products as well as a catalogue of a large variety of references and materials. White marble, black marble, blue granite, travertine marble, carrara marble, calacatta marble, onyx stone, granite stone, limestone, green marble and all kinds of natural stone types and colors, both from the world and Spanish. We select especially top quality Crema Marfil, Emperador Dark and Negro Marquina. We find those blocks that will give a premium plus to your project.

White Marble / Light Marble & Stone

Marble / Italy

Marble / Italy

Marble / Italy

Marble / Turkey

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Black Marble / Dark Marble & Stone

Marble / Spain

Marble / Iran

Marble / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Marble / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Special stones & Limestones

We can offer you materials like marble, granite, limestone, quarzite, onyx, and sandstone from any location in the world. We have partners in Spain, Brasil, China, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, North Africa and Iran. We have a large experience and versatility about all kind of natural stones. No matter what you are looking for, we will get it for you. We can make the material of your dreams a reality.

Special Marble / Stone

Quarzite / Brasil

Marble / China

Travertine / Iran

Quarzite / Brasil

Onyx / Mexico

Marble / China

Onyx / Iran

Quarzite / Brasil

Marble / Tunisia

Marble / China

Limestone / Sandstone

Limestone / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Limestone / Spain

Limestone / Spain

• How we work •

Experience and Good Relationships

Reliability and Experience

We meet our delivery dates and we believe the condition of the quarries is relevant for the quality of materials. We have 35 years of experience and our clients trust us.

Made it easy for you

We do everything in our hands to make your purchase process more dynamic. And we provide you with everything you need to make your decision a simple one.

Guide and Assist you

No matter what you are looking for, we will get it for you. We can make the material of your dreams a reality. Stone has many qualities and we can advise the best use for each stone.

Personalized Service

You will have full assistance through the whole process of your order, material, quarries, etc, always with the same expert. We offer a quick answer to satisfy your needs.


Natural Stone Quarries

Development and production takes place in Novelda, Spain, a town with an extensive culture and great tradition in natural stone where some of the best quarries in the world are located.

During the five decades of the company’s history, and via purchase agreements, Incom Pastor knows that a direct relationship with the most important quarries, for each required material, is essential in order to obtain the most excellent raw material, the best quality, at competitive prices, and on a continuous basis. Even more, selecting, one by one, each block that is cut, being present, it is possible to provide the type of material required by each client.


Cutting, polishing, storing, etc

Incom Pastor cuts and polishes high quality marble slabs, therefore we are able to keep great care, working when necessary, block by block in an almost craftsmanlike manner in order to get the best from the material without skimping. Our production system allows us to take care of all the details, from the selection of the best blocks till the end. Our customers can choose all details, type of packaging, numbering of pieces, personalised labels with their name and logo, etc.


for cutting into slabs


slabs in the warehouse


marble slabs

• Incom Pastor •

Action Zones

Spain  /  Italy  /  United Kingdom /  Holland  /  Belgium  /  France  /  Portugal  /  Germany  /  United States of America  /  Canada  /  Rusia  /  Belarus  /  Slovenia  /  Turkey  /  Israel  /  Lebanon  /  United Arab Emirates  /  Kuwait  /  Jordan  /  Iran  /  Japan  /  China  /  Korea  /  India  /  Taiwan  /  Tunisia  /  Malasya  /  Indonesia  /  Vietnam  /  Senegal  /  Sierra Leone  /  Mali  /  Guinea Bissau

• Not Just Stones •

Versatile techniques and applications

Our materials adapt themselves to different varieties of constructive solutions that can be applied to all kinds of uses. At the same time we are able to perform several special techniques of texture and assembly for a perfect laying.

Wall & floor design.

Architectural works.

3D emboss and shapes.

Honey comb.

Pieces for furniture.

Shower trays.

Kitchen items.

Solid bathroom pieces.



Special Textures.

Special Thickness.

Dry Lay Pre-assembly.

The Company Origins

The company dates from the 1950s, when Francisco Pastor began an activity in a field where the family already had some history, the excavation of marble quarries and their subsequent marketing.

He exported mainly to Italy, where the firm was, and is today, a reference of quality, known for its special selection of raw material.

1986 was a special year: the company worked in the emblematic Momentum Place, Dallas, now Comerica Bank Tower.

In 1988 the company changed its name to Incom, S.L. as a result of Amelia Pastor and Francisco Sintes joining the company. From this moment on, it began its worldwide development, increasing its market areas and the variety of products exported. In 1996 the commercial denomination was changed to Incom Pastor.

• When stone becomes art •

Natural Stone Art

From the beginning Incom Pastor had a close relationship with art, since the founder Francisco Pastor collaborated with several «stone artists» helping them in the selection of the most perfect stone blocks possible, promoting them, etc.

Only some sculptures remain from the collaboration with the artist Eusebio Sempere, including two hemispheres of different coloured marbles, on small plinths.

He also cooperated with sculptor Pablo Serrano, founder of the «El Paso Group», who created his famous series of works in marble of bulls and doves, and other unique original works of art, currently exhibited in various museums.

Francisco Pastor kept a close relationship with other top artists, like the sculptor Baltasar Lobo, who, for many years, travelled from Paris (where he lived) to Novelda, to work with marble in a studio built especially for him, where he created many of the works that ended up in the collections of important museums and great collectors.

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